Analysis of Organizational Culture vs. National Culture: The Globalization of McDonald’s

I looked at a post from the OT 2009 class titled Organizational Culture vs. National Culture: The Globalization of McDonald’s.  Before even reading the post, the title gave me an idea of what the post’s theme is, but just enough to make the reader interested.  The title entices the reader by showing a conflict between two ideas, neither of which the reader might recognize, but the author uses McDonalds as a familiar common ground.  The reader might not know about organizational or national culture, but everyone knows McDonalds.

After finishing the post, I really only had two issues.  The first was the first and second paragraphs.  The author had done a great job with attracting readers with the title, but now the first two paragraphs are long and unnecessarily informative, which might lose many readers interest at the beginning before they ever reach the interesting part of the post.  I understand the need to lay the foundation of one’s argument on the table before getting into main topic, but by hitting on the major points and explaining the needed material in a more concise manor you educate your audience while maintaining their attention.  My second issue was how the author made it sound like McDonald’s hadn’t changed to fit the cultures of other countries before, but they had years ago while establishing itself in Europe.  The author either didn’t know or ignored that their was historical information on the topic already.

The rest of the post was very interesting, thought provoking, and left the reader wanting more.  The author explained their position on the topic very well and also tied a in their own personal experiences to the topic.  In addition to the information from the first two paragraphs the author cited additional texts on the topic.  This showed that more resources were used then one book cited after the first paragraph.  This could lead readers to read the additional text to better understand the author’s point of view. Most importantly the author asked good questions that required the reader to think a little before reading on.

This last paragraph really got my attention from the questions it brought up and the topics discussed.  Both of which I wanted discussed more.  This feeling left me wanting more than was in the post, but the author assured that if you kept reading the following posts you would find the answers.


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  1. Love them or hate them ,there has never been a war in a country that has a McDonalds within its borders.

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