Facebook as an Organization

When you think about organizations, Facebook probably is not the first one that comes to mind. In addition, most people probably overlook the fact that Facebook is an organization altogether. And although it might not be something that people consider, this social networking tool has developed into a community that fits the standard definition of what an organization is. Facebook is a true social structure that was created to help people achieve the common goal of interacting with each other and sharing information that others want to see. It is a complex network of individuals from all over the world who can come together in one place and achieve this goal.

That’s why I chose to write about this blog post on privacy issues relating to the social networking site. Although this blog post does not discuss what the website does or even come close to describing the site as an organization, it does shed light on what one of other the goals should be for all people involved with the massive networking community, privacy and protection of personal information.

Every time someone is on the website, they should not have to worry about their information falling into the wrong hands. People should be able to rely on Facebook to protect this data, and not allow it to be seen by the wrong individuals, while they continue to interact with their friends and families. It should be the responsibility of the developers of the site to make sure that this goal is attainable so that all members in the organization, including the typical users of the site and those who make up the biggest part of the group, can focus on achieving their own goals.

Facebook has recently changed its privacy settings and there are many people who are unhappy with this move. There are those who believe that this will allow more people to access information that they are not supposed to see. As a result of recent complaints, the U.S. Federal Trade Commission will look into these concerns and see whether or not the issue needs to be resolved. For the time being, people within the organization hope that Facebook will make decisions that will benefit everyone involved and will continue to allow them to use the networking site to accomplish their social goals.


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