Google vs. China

I decided to use this article to support our definition of an organization, more specifically their function in our modern global world.  A quick summary of the article; Google has decided to stop its censoring of its Chinese web search service.  This is a truly remarkable challenge to Chinese communism that none have issued before.  Other companies like Microsoft and Yahoo are content to censor their materials in China as long as they can sell their products and make money.  This is an out right, public challenge that an organization will not bend to a national government because what they are asking is not right.  This clearly demonstrates that although locating towards the middle of the macrological and micrological scale, organizations reach can extend to the extremes. ( in this case to the macrological extreme)  

Google also released information that exposed over 20 cyber attacks, targeting Google and other large organizations, by China aimed at stealing software code.  This information coupled with Google’s refusal to continue censoring their engine in China has made other organizations question their “quiet toleration”  of China’s communist regime.    In this case an organization is taking on the responsibility of keeping national governments in check and challenging ones that are governing without the people’s best interests at heart.


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  1. Google’s credo simply states “We will not be evil”. How does this motto fit with Google’s recent actions in China? China is the largest current economic market in the world. Is it responsible for China to place American ethics over the interests of their stockholders and stakeholders? Why do you think social responsibility outweighs capitalism in the eyes of Google’s executives? There is a lot more you could comment on in this post.

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