Honeybees – Bees Vanish, and Scientists Race for Reasons

This post comes from the MGMT 339 class during the spring of 2007 and is titled Honeybees – Bees Vanish, and Scientists Race for Reasons.  I chose to write about this blog because I hate bees.  I am terrified of them, hate the noise that their flapping “wings” make, and afraid of getting stung by them.  However, this blog shows the better side of bees, so I can have some sympathy for them for only a moment.

The strongest point that the writer of this post points out is the fact that bees are the most important insect in the pollination of food crops.  According to the article, nearly a quarter of the 2.4 million colonies of bees in the United States have disappeared, which translates to tens of billions of individual bees.  Similar happenings have occurred in Europe and Latin America as well.  Knowing that these honeybees are the most important insect to crop pollination, it goes unsaid that the crops and owners of these crops missed the 10 billion honeybees greatly.  Another point of consideration is the reason why these bees have left.  The blogger refers to cell phone towers, terrorism and GM crops.  While these possibilities seem insane and hardly believable, it’s hard to argue.  The article was tied into the blog very nicely and said blogger had strong evidence from the main article.

On the other hand, this blog could have elaborated more on how the above possibilities could have caused the bees to go missing.  I just felt as if there was not as much detail in the blog as there could have been, leaving the reader of the blog hanging on the edge of their seats wondering what happened as a result of the missing bees.


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