How far does the internet go

This post from the spring of 2007 focused on the internet, and how it now brings information to the public at an ever increasing rate. Focusing on the Virginia Tech shootings, the post remarks on how 5 years ago (at the time of the post) the public would have had far less access to information about individuals, both public and private. This post interested me because I find the issue of the internets reach into the live of individuals, and the ability it gives other to access potentially sensitive information, to be important to address. The strength of this post was in its ability to cause the reader to actively think about the degree to which personal information is now available; and the audience that exists for such information. Still, I felt that while addressing pornographic motivation for internet technology innovation is important, it seemed to leave out more worrying information about the internets access to information. For example, I thought that the article could have mentioned the fact that the largest sponsor of social networking sites like Facebook is the federal government; who does so because it allows them access to a huge amount of information on millions of members. Consequently, the article could have been improved, and brought more up to date, by addressing more issues focusing on how the internet has given the individual or organization the ability to violate the privacy of others.

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  1. When I began reading and saw you begin to discuss Virginia Tech I became very excite. My older sister attended VT and was on campus when the shooting occured. Can you maybe go more in depth on how the internet played a role in the terrible event?

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