My Nose, Other People’s Business

The post that I chose to write about, My Nose, Other People’s Business, comes from the perspective of a nosy person.  This post talks about how the writer enjoys talking to people about their business and how they are managing it and whatnot.  This particular person enjoys asking a lot of questions pertaining to how a person feels about their business, if they’re motivated, the direction the business is heading in, etc.  One question in particular that she likes to ask is how healthy or unhealthy the organization feels.

This main focus of this blog is to figure out how a person feels about the organizations within his/her business.  This blogger in particular enjoys finding out how people interact with the different elements within their company.  It is important to know how one feels about their employees, boss(es), or their job in general.  These are all things that are important to ask about when trying to figure out someone’s view on their own organization.  Coming from the background that this blogger comes from, I can see why she would ask all these questions.  She knows a lot when it come to organizations in general.  They are a huge part when considering the successfulness of a business.  If the organization is strong, she knows it, as well as if it’s weak.  She asks about the work and technologies of the company, the goals of the business, the particular role that the person plays in the company and how they associated with their boss(es) and employees.  She touches on every aspect of organizations in general so that she can get a better idea of how that company is functioning.

This blog could contain more information on organizations as a whole.  It seems as though she only touches briefly on what it means to be and organization and a successful business.  She really does know her stuff, but she can’t assume that everyone who reads this post is going to have as much knowledge as she does.  She should go more in depth when talking about what she likes to ask about.  She mentions that she asks about employees, bosses, and the health of the organization, but I feel as though it would be more helpful for her to explain how each of these relates to the success of said organization.  The more detail that she can include on each of the “ingredients” to an organization, the better.  This being said, this blog was more of her way of doing it than a description of organizations in general.

“Organizations are collectivities oriented to the pursuit of relatively specific goals and exhibiting relatively highly formalized social structures (Scott, 29)”  This definition, coming from the text Organizations and Organizing, is one definition of an organization.  This seems to be the main focus of the blogger whom I wrote about.  She likes to know about the business process and how it affects the organization as well as the company as a whole.


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