Promoting Products

In a post, titled “Promoting Products”, a very important problem is addressed.  The post focuses on advertising strategies, and in particular, advertising by means of talk show hosts.  ( examples given in the post are Martha Stewart and Oprah Winfrey)  Stephanie, the author of the article, points out that although these hosts have never even used a product, or in some cases don’t like the product, they pitch them to millions of viewers who are eagerly waiting to find out what the next “hot item” is.  The post asks us, on whose recommendation do we purchase a new product, but that is only the beginning of the problem.  When people stop thinking for themselves and begin blindly and ignorantly accepting what they are told as truths, they are perpetuating a system that obviously is not functioning correctly.  This problem doesn’t stop at advertising, but has crept to the far corners of our world today.  I think it is crucial that people become aware of this and this is why I’ve decided to pick this article to review.

Obviously, this post is about advertising and all of the examples focus of this one area.  I would have liked to see some mention of the fact that this problem isn’t confined to this field, but is present elsewhere in our society.  Even if it was just a few sentences at the end or a simple phrase that sparked enough curiosity in the reader that they took a few minutes to do a quick search and find out a little more about this ignorance.

Another thing that I would have liked to see is some statistic that shows roughly how many people who watch these shows actually go out and buy something because they heard about it on TV.  I think this would have been an extremely relevant number in this article and would have added strength to the author’s argument in the form of something quantifiable, which would support both her post about how companies promote products (how successful this type of advertising is) and the idea that people are letting others think for them.


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