The Importance of the Work Place

The work environment in an organization is an essential contributor to employee morale, productivity, and overall job satisfaction. I found this blog particularly interesting because it focuses on office set up which is an aspect of the work environment that is often neglected by employers. According to previous studies conducted by Gensler, a leading design firm, 90% of individuals commented that their “office space affected their attitudes about work and that a different setup could make their companies more competitive.” However, even after such studies have been published, a vast majority of employers continue to pay little or no attention to the satisfaction of their greatest asset, their employees. This article does much to promote awareness for employees and the important role which the workplace plays on the productivity of the institution.

In order to pursuetheir specified goals, it is in the organizations best interest to “perform particular critical taks effectively to transform the organization’s goals into realities.” (p.21) Furthermore, if employees feel comfortable in their work space, it is much more likely that their productivity will increase, thus making the institution more efficient. As the blog points out, “people are the biggest cost inside a work environment, so leveraging your human capital out to be near the top of your priority list.” It is quite suprrising that after years of insightful studies and subsequent evidence regarding the importance of the work place that employers do not make an effort to improve this vital component of the organization.

In my opinion, the work place can be improved in several ways. By increasing awareness of employee’s satifisfaction by conducting surveys or adding comment cards, employers will be able to gain insightful ideas on how they can improve the work environment for their employees. Another idea involves adding recreational time to the workday for employees; the adding of recreational areas such as gyms allows employees periods of free time and can aid in boosting morale. Finally, the addition of group workshops or activities can help to streghthen employee relations among coworkers. As I have described, employee satisfaction plays an important role in the efficiency of an organization and these are just some ways in which employers can change the environment of the work place to increase efficiency in this manner.


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  1. As an employee I would hope that my employer would improve the work space with new designs and furniture, but I can understand why an employer would be hesitant to implement it. There have been many studies done regarding employee satisfaction and employee productivity and some studies conclude that there is little to no connection between the two, while others conclude that satisfaction leads to productivity. Given the conflicting results, I can understand why employers might be hesitant to spend a large amount of money on a project that may or may not lead to increased productivity. Even if it inconclusive as to whether it leads to increased productivity, I definitely think that employee satisfaction is a benefit to firms in other ways, and I agree with you that employers should listen more to the input of employees.

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