The Slow Food Movement and Concluding Thoughts

The previous post I chose was The Slow Food Movement and Concluding Thoughts.  I chose this post because I am really interested in the ways in which globalization affects local cultures.  This post explores specifically the effect that McDonalds has on the culture of food across the world.  For example, the production technology of McDonald’s enables them to prepare their food quickly in many different locations, whereas it is difficult for regional foods to be prepared as quickly across the globe.

I thought that a strength of the post was how well they tied theory into their post while comparing the Slow Food Movement to the McDonaldization of the world.  I thought that there was a good contrast showing why McDonalds has spread so quickly based on Organizational theory and why regional cuisine is not spreading.  For example, the theory of rationalization shows that society has become more “efficient, predictable and controlled” and McDonald’s has been able to thrive because they have been able to so standardize the jobs at all McDonald’s chains.

I think that some improvements that could be made to this post would be grammatical issues.  Halfway through the post a paragraph is started with “In conclusion” but a conclusion really shouldn’t come until the end of a post.  The point of a conclusion is to signal that the end has come, but if that signal comes halfway through the post it is confusing to the reader.  There were a few other grammatical errors as well, such as “He was cautions in refraining from inflicting…”  which makes it awkward to read.  I think that grammatical improvements would make a big difference in this post.

I think an update that could be made to this post could be how McDonalds is doing in the current economic climate.  For example whether they have been able to continue expanding or whether they have had to close any McDonald’s because they are less popular in those cultures than they had thought.  Overall, I thought it was a good post that could use a little grammatical help and would be interesting if they followed up on the success of McDonald’s currently in other cultures.


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