Willie Parker wants to be a starter more than he wants to stay with Steelers

Willie Parker, a running back for the Pittsburgh Steelers, has recently made a significant career decision. After being a part of the Steelers organization for the past 6 years, he has now decided that he would like to become a member of a different organization within the National Football League. Parker wants to leave the Steelers because he lost his starting position this past season to Rashard Mendenhall . Although he had a great run with the Steelers franchise, winning 2 Super Bowls in 6 years, Parker has decided that he would rather have a starting position elsewhere than continue his career as a second-string running back for the Steelers.

I feel that Parker’s career decision can be analyzed using the multiple levels of analysis for an organization. To begin, this situation can be looked at through a social psychological analysis. This type of analysis focuses on the behaviors and relationships of individuals within an organization. Parker’s attitude towards the organization began to steer in a negative direction after his teammate, Mendenhall, took over his starting position. No longer was Parker valued, in the eyes of both his teammates and his coaches, as the best running back on the team. As a result, he decided he wanted to leave the organization in pursuit of becoming a member of another organization where he would be perceived as the top running back.

The next way to analyze this situation is to look at it through the organizational level. The organization in this example is the Steelers Franchise. There are many structures and components of this organization that affect the determination to which it attempts to keep Parker, the determination of how vital he is to the success of the Steelers, and the determination of starting line-up decisions. For example, the coach may not believe that keeping Parker is essential, but the marketing team may see losing him as detrimental to such aspects of the organization as fan support and ticket sales.

Finally, this situation can be analyzed from an ecological level. The Steelers organization is an entity operating in a larger system of relations. This larger system is known as the National Football League. The Steelers are impacted immensely by what is going on in the NFL outside of the workings of their organization. Parker wants to leave the Steelers to join another team within the NFL where he has the chance to earn a starting position. The Steelers need to decide if they want to deal with facing Parker as an opponent. If they view this as a threat they need to make the necessary steps to appeal to Parker on an individual/psychological level to keep him on the team.

Ultimately, organizations such as the Steelers franchise can be analyzed from three different perspectives that help to evaluate and uncover decisions made on many different levels, ranging from the individual to the economy at large.


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