Working Twice as Hard for Half the Money

Organizations are social structures created by individuals to support the collaborative pursuit of goals.  If the social structures are not maintained, then it is impossible for organizations to meet their goals.  Jessica Dickler’s article about disgruntled workers suggests that this is becoming a problem for many organizations during the economic recession.  One task that all organizations face is to induce its participants to contribute services in pursuit of their goals.  Members of an org will not do their work for free.  However, many companies are indeed forcing their employees to work for less.  As the recession limits companies’ profits and equity, employees are left with decreased salaries, benefits, and increased workloads.  Many orgs. are not able to compensate their participants as well as in the past and as a result, 19% of workers plan to find a new job this year (according to a study by Careerbuilder).

It is inevitable that orgs. lose participants and then select, train, and replace those that they lose.  But if as much as 19% of workers leave their companies, then there will be a lot more training and replacing to go around than employers would be comfortable with.  Increased quitting of employees will increase the proportion of resources needed for orgs. to maintain themselves.   If orgs. want to survive this recession, they must work to balance their work flow with the social features of their participants.  Many orgs., including airlines and commissioned sales jobs, will have to find ways to better compensate and motivate their employees if they don’t want to lose them.


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