Instructions for Second Week of Blog

To follow up from what I said in class.  Before next week (sooner is good!) here is what I want you to do.

1) Revisit your current posts and add categories and tags.  Add as many tags as you like.  Your post about another post should be in the blog category.  Your post based on something from the news where you applied org theory should be in the Organization theory category.

2) Add the break to your posts after the first paragraph or so.

3) Look at the pages just under the header.  One of them is called “Blog Strategy”.  [By the way, pages are a way to add more static content to the blog.  The home page is the scrolling content where new posts go].  This page is for us to think over what we want do with the blog.  I started several topics.  Feel free to add more to them or to make comments below.

3.1) I would like everyone to identify ONE feature or function on other blogs that you would like us to consider adding to ours.  For example, not all blogs have comments, ours does now.

4) For this week, you need to write one post and start being an active commenter.  For your post, I would like you to visit any of the blogs on the “Inspiration For Writing” page.  Your post should be in dialogue with some post you find there.  You can write about the same original source; you can reference the post; you can find new links or material about the same topic.

4.1) You should make three comments on other blogs.  Your comments should be thoughtful and engaging.  “Yup” or “Nope” probably won’t cut it.  One of these should be on the post you are in dialogue with (from above.).  Most blogs will have a way for you to identify yourself using our blog’s URL address.  PLEASE do that.  This way, you will draw attention to our blog through your brilliant and insightful participation in other blogs.  The other two comments may be on the same post, on other posts from that blog,, or other blogs from the inspirations page.

4.2) When you have made three comments, email me the links so I know you did it.

4.3) If you find some blog you think is good and should be part of our “Inspirations” page, email me or put it in the comments below. ↓  ☻

Ask questions in comments below.


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