Comments on ‘Being Rich is not an Easy Goal’

In the post entitled, “Being Rich is not an Easy Goal,” the author brings up some good points.  I would first applaud the blogger for recognizing that the issue is a prevalent in American lives as ever before.  More than ever, Americans have debt to equity ratios at high levels.  It is true (and a good idea) that saving younger proves to have a great economic impact down the road.

While this is the case, I have some recommendations for the author that might improve the post.  First, the author should stick to one point.  They first discuss the how young people believe that it will be easy to attain the goal of becoming rich.  It is true that building a large amount of equity is difficult.  However, the author then dives into an argument based on the increasing level of liabilities that Americans have.

I agree that both concepts are pertinent issues, but they would make much better arguments if there was much more control of the point.  This could be attained if the concepts were broken up into two individual posts.  The first one would talk about the misconception that getting rich is easy.  It would discuss that (with few exceptions) amassing large amounts of wealth takes years of hard work and some luck along the way.  The second post would talk about over consumerism and how credit cards have only fed peoples’ trying to “keep up with the Jones’.”

I understand that the author is trying to draw the connection that overspending hinders people to build wealth as quickly (due to late charges and interest fees), but I believe that the posts are better off split up.


One Response

  1. Kurt, I too agree that this post does seem like it should be two different posts, or at least the author should spend more time developing the two ideas and how they are related.
    For some reason I just love this post, I guess because I have definitely said that I want to get rich as fast as possible, but sadly I am also guilty of overspending.

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