eBay to Cut Listing Fees in Bid to Lure Sellers


The article entitles, “eBay to Cut Listing Fees in Bid to Lure Sellers,” presents some interesting ways that eBay is trying to lure more sellers back to what seems to be a business that has sees its peak in the rearview mirror.  Even so, eBay is still a thriving online marketplace where people of all walks of life do business in the form of buying and selling items of all kinds.  This supports our textbook (Organizations and Organizing) definition of organizations:  “Social structures created by individuals to support the collaborative pursuit of specified goals (11).”

The structure here is the actual online marketplace.  Even though it is intangible, it still qualifies as structure where people interact (social aspect).  The collaborative pursuit is tied in with the goals that people have, and that is buying or selling (whichever end of the deal one finds themselves) goods.  The organization exists because of peoples’ faith in the system.  Without placing trust that the transition will go smoothly, the system cannot exist.  It is assumes (and usually correctly) that, even though people are self interested, they will concede some of their self interest in the name of ensuring that the social structure is not compromised.  This is to ensure future business.

The article discusses how eBay has felt the effects (vicariously through their constituents) of the recession and are making it easier and more attractive for people to do business via the organization.  The leaders of the organization are attempting to preserve the social structure for participants in the future by improving the workings of the organization.  By doing this, the definition of organization is preserved.


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