So I like to make little contributions to language.  I think it comes from a punning family and then marrying into even more of one.  Or maybe it is a function of the mild learning disability.  Words and phrases always look a little off.  I tend to break them down into their components and then think of alternate meanings.

For example, we play this car game, “186…”.  You throw out a random object, and then you come up with puns and jokes based on “186 X walk into a bar…” where x=random object.  Pun.  Laugh. Repeat.  Put an object in comments and I will show you.

Anyway, in my writing group someone was complaining about multi-tasking and hos distracting it is.  Amen!  I rpelied that she should “unitask.” A quick google search reveals it is a company.  It is also a term the productivity crowd picked up on.  “7 Unitasking Tips.” Rats.  I was hoping to coin it.

The only silver lining is that I meant it as half serious-half snarky.

My defintion:

Unitasking: To achieve multi-tasking’s promise, and to live in the mental space of multi-tasking, by pursuing many tasks one at a time. Anyone can do things sequentially and methodically.  Only a recovering multi-tasker can frantically maintain a zen-like state of self-induced stress while unitasking. The key is to think of ten things you should be doing at once, and then proceed to do them one at a time.


2 Responses

  1. I feel as though the “uni” prefix is kind of unnecessary. Wouldn’t doing many tasks one a time just be called tasking? It could be that I’m just missing the essence of unitasking…

    • Yes, it is unnecessary, lingusitically. The whole post is kind of tongue in cheek. There is a whole industry of people trying tofigure out how to have balance, how to be more personally productive. They often use “new” words to create distinction. Uni-tasking is partly poking fun about that. it is partly serious though. I guess it is about thinking about how our minds are always multi-tasking and uni-tasking is a way to do “tasking” while not loosing or escaping that frenetic feeling that you _should_ be multi-tasking.

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