Instructions for week 4 (Feb 17-23)

Following on the heels of our in-class workshop,  this week i…


Rather than write a new post, here is what I want you to do.

  1. Make the blog more personal

a) Fix your nickname if it needs it

b) Add a gravatar that you like

c) Edit the “Who Are We” page to describe yourself a little.

2. Make the blog more functional

a) Go to wordpress support and look around.  See what you learn or use it to solve a problem you have been having.

b) Suggest a widget or other functional addition you would like to see.  IF you made one on the Blog Strategy page that HAS NOT been added, please research how to do it and inform us on the page or comments.

c) Suggest a BLOG or WEBSITE you think would be a useful inspiration for writing.  Add it to the comments on the inspirations page.

3)  Make the blog and blogging more conversational.

a)  Use our website’s URL whenever you comment on other blogs.  Even add it manuall if need be.

b) Reply to comments on your posts on our blog.  Follow up with more research or exploring if needed.  You can add an update to your post if you like.  Standard procedure is to add an “update” at the end so it is clear you have changed it.

c) Take one of your posts that you like.  Look for more conversations that are related to it.  Comment on those blogs.  You can find them through three ways.  Using the “related posts” that WordPress creates, using WordPress tags, or use a blog search engine such as Technorati or google


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