Googley, Googley, Googley!

Last week I wrote about the unique culture of Google. I commented on two related posts this week that also dealt with corporate cultures, specifically with their effect on employees. I commented on this post that was a broad opinion on how to engage employees during economic downturns. Economic downturns can have a severe effect on the environment and atmosphere of an organization. There are many strategies that can be implemented in order to counteract the negative sentiments brought forth by these difficult times. I had recently read on Peppercom’s website about a workshop they offer that teaches the clients how to incorporate more humor into the workplace. Peppercom is a mid-sized public relations firm in NYC. The purpose of their “humor workshop” is to teach businesses how to increase morale and improve corporate culture during economic downturns.

I also commented on a BLOrg Theory post by Macey that discusses the institutionalization of airlines, Southwest in particular. This post detailed about how Southwest employees love their jobs and the fun culture of their work atmosphere. I responded with a question about working in a “fun” organization. How important is having fun at work to most people? Are these jobs in higher demand? Would you prefer to work for a company like Google or Southwest rather than a highly structured and formal financial firm?

I am personally attracted to the idea of working in a fun environment. This is probably why I found the suggestion to incorporate humor into the workplace so appealing. What are your thoughts?


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  1. I just love the word Googley. Do you know where the original term Googleplex that inspired the company name came from?

    Edward Kastner, a mathematician, asked his nephew for a word to describe a fantastically big number. The nine-year old supplied the funny word.

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