Read me soon. May not last.

On another blog, a person wrote about how support for Toyota in Washington is multiplying. (don’t know how to write a hyperlink in html)  Anyhow, I commented about how I think it is ridiculious for Washington to be supportive of Toyota.  In short, dismay with foreign auto makers will only lead to more sales for domestic auto makers.  Read the rest, unless he doesn’t approve the comment.


3 Responses

  1. Shoot. No comments yet. Hope he approves you.

    Shouldn’t Washington be neutral in its treatment of carmakers?

  2. I think he approved it. Either way Jordi, I dont think its a question of siding with one car maker or another, I think it is a question of supporting American jobs and domestic production. And if that means being non-neutral to car makers, then so be it. Just my 2c.

  3. If the US government favors domestic producers, what happens if other governments decide to favor their domestic producers and thereby harm our firms when operating overseas?

    Can American jobs be addressed without engaging in trade wars?

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