Instructions for Week of Feb 22 (Fifth Post)

Besides following up on your check-list for comment-a-palooza, I want you to rediscover books.

I was at a seminar this week about information literacy hosted by our own LIT department.  We were talking about information literacy and the idea that  students should be competent with technology.  Good idea!

Paper is a technology!

Here is what I want you to do.

1) Go to the library.  In front of you and to your immediate right (tucked under mezzanine) are new books to our collection. Go and browse.

2) Pick up ANY book that is interesting.

3) Write your post about that book.  Include what it is about, why it might be useful or interesting, and any hyperlinks to author or to important resources on that topic.

4) Feel free to look for reviews of the book to cite and/or hyperlink.

5) You do not HAVE to have an org theory or social science connection to the book.  ANY BOOK.

6) Please don’t repeat what others have added.


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