Sport in the Cultures of the Ancient World

I was interested in this book because I love sports.  This book talks about how sports originated in the Greco-Roman empire as early as the third millennium.  Back then, sports were mostly practiced during ceremonies.  They were also the basis of physical education and had entertainment purposes.

The origination of “sport” is one topic discussed in this book that is a compilation of articles.  It discusses how sport did not originate in Rome or Greece, but dates back to the Egyptians and Hittits, who had sports  at festivals in the third millennium B.C.  Following this, in the ancient Mesoamerican world, sports appeared in 1000 B.C.

The beginning of the Olympics is another focus of this book.  In Greece in the year 776 B.C. the first Olympic Games took place.  They were held in the religious sanctuary known as Olympia.  The book gives the written records of all the victors and such.

I think this book is a great read for anyone who is interested in the origination of sports.  I read the first two chapters and thoroughly enjoyed the information there.  This was a post that I thought everyone could relate to since we are in the midst of the Winter Olympics, which was one of the reasons that this book sparked my interest.


2 Responses

  1. Speaking of the winter Olympics, isn’t it fascinating to watch how sports evolve over the years??? At every single Olympics different world records are broken. Just last night a women figure skater broke the world record, only to have it broken again by her competitor directly afterward. Athletes seem to be getting better and better at what they do. Are we ever going to reach a point where it is impossible to do any better? Is there ever going to be such thing as an unbeatable world record?

  2. That is one expensive book! $110! Aren’t you glad the library has it for you?

    I am confused. It started in the Greo-Roman empires but not by Greco-Romans? Does this relate to Jessica’s post about culture and creativity?

    How much was it a part of the religion of those societies? Was sport sacred? Has that changed? Is the number one religion in America really the religion of sports? The communion of the Superbowl? The minaret of the thumping arena? The Torah of Sportscenter?

    The Olympics! Why is the winter Olympics so focused on snow? It is not like the summer Olympics are _only_ summer season sports!!!!! Ever run a marathon in August? When do we play basketball?

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