Best of Book Week (Feb 21-March 1)

Your friendly neighborhood Blog Council This week:  Jordi and Tania

Our choice for best post is Kelly’s World Cup 2010: Dream or Disaster?

Other notable posts...

Great Title Award and Certificate for Linking Expereince to Topic: Macey’s “Bend it like Beckham: Physics of Sports.”

Silver Chalice for Open Systems Link that Made Jordi Dance with Joy: Derek’s “Deliberative Democracy in Practice.”

Shout Out for Liberal Arts Mojo (Linking to Another Class): Brooke’s “Dress Behind Bars.”

Passionate Tone and Topic Prize: Kurt’s “The Great Recession.”

Great Title Award and Honorary Captain of The Santa Defense League: Molly’s “Bah, Humbug!”

BlOrg Theory Students: READ ON!!!!!  IMPORTANT!!!!!!!!

A note on the Blog Council: it is made up of some combination of students, me, and Ross.  Everyone will be on at least once.  We will handle editorial leadership for a week.  The role will evolve depending on the blog and the membership.  The next meeting will possibly be Sunday afternoon, March 7.  Volunteers?  Email Jordi.

Theme for next week: International Week!

We would like you to explore a specific country this week.  Hopefully you can address the role of organizations dealing with poverty, under development, or other pressing needs in your country.  So the idea is to learn more about one country and its specific context locally or in the global system.  You can pick any nation not in the G-8.

You can pick a country you have visited.

We want you to also start going beyond WIGWAM research (Wikipedia Internet Google Without Anything More).  Specifically, you can look at what international organizations like the World Bank produce.  You can also use BU’s research by subject page- chock full of goodness!

Building Traffic Next Step for Next Week

Let’s build traffic.  Please put the word out that is live.  Can you do on of the following?  1) Post a link to your favorite post that you wrote on your Facebook status?  2) Post a link to your favorite post on some other social media network (like twitter, LinkedIn, ning, etc).  3) Write a personal email to friends OR acquaintances inviting them to read some post you are proud of think they would be interested in.

Please add a comment when you have done this below. That way we know you did it AND we can see if it effects traffic.  So, post your comment WHEN YOU reach out.

New Policies

  • Best Post Award

    • The Blog Council will select the overall best post for each week.  We will use a consensus approach which I will explain as we move forward.  A short description from some consultants is here.  A longer one here, from Intentional Communities.
    • The best post criteria will adjust to each week’s goals.
    • The winner will get a pass so that they can elect not to write a post in some future week.  Each author is capped at two passes total for the semester.  There is one week that is tied to paper two, “Drilling Down,” in which you can not pass.  Even in a pass week, the author must keep commenting.
  • “Getting in the Black:” Copy-Editing

    • Copy-editing means fixing sentence level errors or mistakes in use of proper English.
    • The learning goal here is for each person to learn how to see and correct mistakes in your own writing.  This is a very valuable skill in any workplace.
    • From now on, if ANYONE notices a mistake in a post she should edit the post by clicking “edit post” and make the mistaken word or passage RED. Maybe bold too.
    • If your post has red “ink,” your goal is to get back to “being the black.”  To do so, you will need to edit your post, FIX the error, and switch the color back.
    • Jordi will review how to edit and switch text colors.

14 Responses

  1. I did twitter on Tuesday at 10:23! This post.

  2. Facebook at 11:26 am. Used the Passholes post.

  3. Made this blog my facebook status at 11:33 am today and emailed the link to some of my friends from home.

  4. “Getting in the Black” section – check “…of ANYONE…”

  5. Posted on facebook during class today

  6. Posted on facebook at 7:00 PM

  7. facebook status as of 7:15 pm 3/2/10

  8. Facebook status at 8:20

  9. facebook status at 10:26, used A walk down memory lane

  10. posted

  11. facebook status at 11:23 PM, used the post “Consumption and its impact on all aspects of our lives”

  12. Facebook status at 1:06 PM, on iPad and Apple

  13. Posted “How to Bend It Like Beckham: The Physics of Sports” as facebook status yesterday after class.

  14. Posted The Great Recession in facebook today and emailed it to my parents.

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