Ghana and BioFuel Africa Ltd.

Since Ghana became an independent country in 1957, it has not had much economic or financial success.  With a population of over 23 million people, Ghana ranks as the 47th largest country in the nation.  Of these 23 million people, only 3.6% are over the age of 65 years old.  The median age for Ghana is only 20.7 years old, compared to a median age of 36.7 years old here in the U.S.

Ghana is considered a constitutional democracy, similar to the U.S.  The country elects a president every 4 years and no president can serve for more than two terms.  The government as a whole is very similar to that of the United States.  Ghana has a president, a Cabinet, a vice president, and a Supreme Court.  The Legislative branch is a unicameral parliament.  Ghana does the best it can with what little money it has, ranking in at 98th in the world in terms of GDP with $36.58 billion.  The country relies mostly on international financial assistance because of the poor economy.  The citizens main sources of income are from agriculture of cocoa, oil, and gold mining.

I found a neat pdf file from BioFuel Africa Ltd.  This is an organization in Ghana that is trying to upstream biofuel production in the jatropha region of Ghana.  They believe that this will greatly benefit the local communities, considering it has already made an impact on the ones where they have started upstreaming.  Also, because this is such a large scale project, it will create jobs for many people in the region.  There are also other benefits that BioFuel Africa Ltd. will introduce into the communities, such as water dams, maize grinding mills, and much more that you can find in the PowerPoint.  This company also intends to build schools for the areas in which it is located.

Do you think that BioFuel Africa Ltd. will be able to stimulate Ghana’s economy?


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  1. I know very little about Ghana so find this interesting. Why do you think the median age is much lower than that of the United States? Obviously the people of poorer, developing nations have lower average lifespans, but there are often a variety of causes that have differing impacts based on the country. Is it the high prevalence of a specific disease, improper diets, lack of medical care, or some other factor that appears to be the primary contributor to a lower median age? I would guess that it is some combination of a variety of factors such as these (many, such as poor diet and medical care, that are mainly the result of poverty), but I would be curious to know if there is a certain thing, such as a widespread disease, that is a large contributor to this statistic in Ghana in particular.

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