Best of International Week

After careful deliberation Christian, Mike, and I are pleased to announce this week’s best post….

!!!!CONGRATULATIONS KELLY!!!! and your post 12 zeros gone and Zimbabwe continues to struggle.

We would like to give Brooke and her post Using Soccer to Decrease the Prevalence of HIV/AIDS in South Africa a shout out for being our runner up.

We would also like to recognize Derek for his thoroughly researched and well written post, Peru: A Lesson in Rapid Development and Organizational Corruption.

BlOrg Theory please read on….

Next week’s post – Unfortunately, next week’s assignment is already set in stone, so we didn’t get to play around with this at all 😦

Comments: A quick checklist when you find yourself commenting on someone else’s post…

  1. Is my comment really adding anything to the discussion?
  2. Is my comment presenting a new opinion or new information or just simply summarizing what’s already been said?
  3. Will my comment spur any new discussion?

Questions you should ask yourself to improve overall quality and readership:

  • Is the topic of my post something other people would find interesting?
  • Are my titles both accurate and eye catching?
  • Is my post opinionated or discussion oriented, or is it just a short research paper?
  • Is my post in dialog with other posts/blogs/class materials? Provide links!!!
  • Am I integrating outside materials to support my argument or opinion? Provide links!!!
  • Can I advertise either my blog or BlOrg Theory on facebook, twitter, myspace, etc…  This makes a huge deal.  Last week we got 260 some hits after our facebook push!!

Ideas for after break: We were thinking about adding some kind of weekly debate to the blog.  The topic would be related to either class materials or blog assignments.  This might be a more productive and fun way to meet the 3 comment requirement, rather than summarizing a post you’re not very interested in.


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