Heroes at Enron

I will be writing a paper arguing why the guys at Enron were smarter than everyone else, how they did things that no one had even though of, how they were visionaries, and how America failed to learn an important lesson.  I want to focus on a different side of Enron and how they, through their legal, but shady business dealings, exploited the system and made a fortune.  I will focus mainly on their energy deals in California and the resulting outcry from the American public in general.  Power will be the topic of my paper and how the internal power structure of Enron allowed people, more specifically the traders, to exploit the weaknesses they found without punishment. I will also investigate the power structure of our government and how it resembles that of Enron’s.

This topic is very interesting for me because I don’t believe that much of what Enron did was wrong.  They did break a few laws, but many of their deals where not illegal and I don’t think that they should be held responsible for them.  I have a somewhat different perspective on human nature, organizations, ethics, governments, and capitalism.  All of these influence how I judge Enron and I think that much can be learned from looking at something from a different perspective, even if it’s one that you don’t agree with.

After deciding on this topic, I did research related to Enron, California, power, power conflicts.  I used both google scholar and JSTOR to find other possible sources for my paper.  I found an interesting article written by Jeffery N. Gordon titled, “What Enron Means for the Management and Control of the Modern Business Corporation: Some Initial Reflections”.  I also researched Peter M. Blau, who was cited in our textbook.  He wrote and interesting book titled, Exchange and Power in Social Life.  This book addressed social structures and how they are affected by power and governance.  These views will be useful when I analyze the similarities both of the internal structure of Enron and of our government.


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  1. Oye- needs a title! And category!

  2. The legal situation surrounding the Enron scandal is a black and white issue. I think something you should really address is the ethical aspect of Enron’s business dealings. I think you will find many people will agree with your legal arguments, but under an ethic’s microscope, you might run into a little more scrutiny,

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