Lunch With Dot Thompson

In preparation for writing my paper on The Smartest Guys in the Room, I met with the Management research librarian, Dot Thompson.  I arranged a meeting with her ahead of time through the Bertrand Library web page and she was thus aptly prepared to guide my research.  Dot guided me through the library’s databases and showed me three particularly helpful programs. 

ProQuest is one database aimed specifically at management subjects.  Searches can be divided by subjects and sources and most articles are available in full text.  A second database was Web of Knowledge.  This was geared more towards science in general, including the social science of organization theory.  This database was particularly helpful in discovering where certain articles have been cited and what sources articles and referenced themselves.  The most comprehensive source Dot showed me was Academic One File, which is found on the main database page.  It encompasses all academic subjects and breaks down searches into related subjects and subdivisions.  This is helpful in narrowing down searches to specific topics within organization theory.

Perhaps the most helpful tip I learned today was what to type into search engines.  It turns out that more comprehensive results turn up when one searches “organization theory” rather than “organizational theory”.  This is a technicality that I never would have thought of while continuing my research.  Dot was a huge help in bringing research strategies and sources to my attention that I have never considered.  These tips I learned should improve my research techniques for this paper as well as any future projects that come my way.


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