But Seriously, Dot Thompson Loves Org Theory!

My research strategy was to conduct research myself initially and then make use of the Bucknell librarians to help me out where my own researching efforts failed.  My attempt at researching resulted in a multitude of great sources.  However, I was unable to locate a scholarly journal article that specifically analyzed Rebecca Mark, something which I figured was bound to exist and would be very helpful for my essay.

So, Molly and I went to Dot Thompson prepared with specific research questions.  By giving her exactly what I was searching for, she showed me how to best utilize Bucknell’s databases to find what I was looking for.  I was familiar with the databases that she used, but was unaware of the extent of their features and search capabilities.  For example, Dot pointed out how search keywords differ by discipline.  Using a Management database to find an article related to the topic that I was looking for and then examining the tags was a useful way of learning how certain things are described in Management databases (as opposed to, for example, in a Psychology database).  Who knew that ‘women’ is more common terminology in Management and ‘female’ is more common terminology in Psychology?!

With Dot’s helpful advice and extensive research database expertise, I was able to locate a great article on Rebecca Mark.  If only she could write my paper for me too!


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