Dot Thompson (and the rest) for Best People of the Week

Even though I had to meet with her on at least 2 other occasions for other classes, they were always in large groups and I mostly never paid any attention.  I am glad I went to see her by myself fairly recently to learn more about the opportunities that we students have at our disposal.  I went to the library not really knowing how to go about finding Dot, let alone any information that I needed.  After searching around and asking other people for a while, I finally found her, where we subsequently descended into the bowels of the library.  I didn’t make an appointment, but she wasn’t very busy and was more than happy to give me a hand.

To be honest, I didn’t know how to use any database searches other than Net Advantage and what we learned in class last week.  Well, she showed me more than I needed to know and will remember, but also recall what they say about throwing mud at a wall.  The advanced search features make a daunting task of looking through literally thousands of articles on JSTOR and other similar databases.   I decided to make my first search simple: I used the entry that I referenced in my last post which I found in the back of the O&O book.  I found that publication and began looking for articles relating to that and Smartest Guys in the Room (specifically the informal organization of Enron).  There is a lot of data that will aid me in the writing process of the paper.

What a great wealth of information that I never knew about all the stuff that Bucknell pays for and most students neglect using.  This will definitely help me in  the process of writing this paper.  I will also use the resources in the little time I have left at school.  It’s too bad I didn’t pay attention before.  Oh well.


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