Dot Thompson Loves Org Theory!

Today Brooke and I entered Dot Thompson’s office to have a chat about research techniques for our paper. Our class has evidently been bombarding her office today because she knew exactly who we were and what we were coming to see her for.

Both Brooke and I consider ourselves quite experienced and familiar with the online databases so instead of requesting the usual “how-to” of online database research, we skipped to some very specific questions regarding our own individual research. In my paper I am utilizing an argument made by Milton Friedman in 1970 regarding the social responsibility of businesses. I was inspired by this piece after stumbling across a reference to it in our Organizations and Organizing textbook. It happened to be an article I had studied in my Business, Government and Society class so I was quite familiar with it. In my paper I want to cite an opposing viewpoint to Friedman’s argument. Dot helped me figure out how I could use our online databases to find critiques and opposing viewpoints to articles. She directed me to EconLit, an economics database, and we searched for articles that were not written by Friedman but that cited this specific article. It was very helpful to walk through this process with Dot because I was able to find both modern and past critiques from a number of different authors. I was luck to be  able to find success in my search and I walked away from Dot’s office very happy! This was a very useful experience for me and it will certainly serve to strengthen the counter-arguments raised in my paper. Thanks dot!


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