Meeting with Dot Thompson

Today I met with Dot Thompson in the library.  This was not the first time I had met Dot, seeing as she has been incredibly helpful in other management classes, providing information on the resources available in the library.  I was wondering whether this meeting would provide me with any new information on library resources since she had come to my classes before, but I was not disappointed.  There was plenty of new information that will be very helpful in writing the upcoming paper.  In previous classes she had given us information on databases that was specific to certain classes and their research needs, and today she showed us databases that would provide information that would be helpful specifically for Organizational Theory.

She showed us three different databases and the best way to use them in order to get results relevant to organizational theory and the paper we are currently writing.  The first database she showed us was ABI Form, which is the largest management database.  When Organization Theory is used as the subject in the search, over 10,000 results are returned.  Those results can then be narrowed down based on what specifically you are looking for.  She also showed us web of knowledge, which Jordi had already shown us in class but it was nice to have a refresher on how to use it.  The third database that Dot showed us was Academic OneFile.  I think this will be the most beneficial in finding additional articles.  Under browse subject you can look up Organization Theory and then it will return subdivisions and related subjects.  One of the first related subjects under Organization theory was corporate culture, which is exactly what I am looking into in my paper.

Even though I had been helped by Dot before and I thought I already knew all the ways to use the research by subject page, particularly for management; this meeting was very helpful in finding new databases as well as ways I can better research.  I definitely will be using these databases for my paper as well as for other papers in the future.


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