Researching: A Little Help Goes a Long Way

The information gathering process involved in the type of research necessary to gain a better understanding of complex topics, like the fall of Enron, can be a time-consuming and frustrating process. The temptation can become to use sources like Wikipedia, the internet, and Google without anything more to support your conclusions (the WIGWAM trap). However, giving in to this temptation ultimately leads to a lack of depth in one’s true understanding of a topic. Consequently, it is necessary to complete  research in a full and through manner. Doing so does not have to be a frustrating process though, and a little help can go a long way in ensuring that one can complete their research in a painless and efficient way.

On a few occasions in the past I have had the opportunity to work with some of Bucknell’s librarians, and the help they provided was greatly appreciated. I was once again given this opportunity while working to further research Enron and the and organizational theory perspective of control. As had been the case in the past, my interaction with Bucknell’s librarians allowed me to learn how to better use the tools at my disposal as a student at Bucknell to research and gain information while avoiding the WIGWAM trap. In specific, I was introduced to a few databases, outside of Jstor, that can provide information useful to those in the school of management. For example, I was shown the ABI Inform Complete database which allows you to not only search for authors and subjects, but also provides citation lists and cited reference searches. Furthermore, ABI suggests topics related to each search query, which helps to allow the quick access of multiple perspective of a single topic. In addition to being introduced to this new database I was also reminded that Bucknell has a large collection of books that can add to my ability to research my interests. Over all I found the entire experience useful because it added to my ability to research and gain an understanding of the organizational perspective of interest to me. Showing how just a little help and a point in the right direction can significantly aid in the research process.


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