Doesn’t everyone love Dot?

Dot proved to be a very helpful source for me.  I met with her earlier this week in order to refine where I should search for information on my paper.  I had been having trouble finding information on the idea of the lovable fool versus the competent jerk and Dot steered me in the right direction so that I would have better outlets to look for information.

First, Dot helped me to understand how to use the library search databases in general.  I have not used the library databases very often in my career at Bucknell and I do not believe I have looked at them since my freshman year foundation seminar.  Even as a freshman, I had someone guiding me through the process. I now feel confident in my ability to search the databases after meeting with Dot.

Second, Dot showed me how to use advance searched on Jstor.  This allowed me to zero in on certain information and where it comes from more easily.  Dot also introduced me to ABI Form which is the largest management database.  It has tons of articles on there!  ABI Form helped me find an article from The Economist which allowed me to find more information of the idea of the competent jerk! Thanks Dot!


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  1. That is ABI Inform, just in case someone goes looking for it.

    ABI Inform

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