Dot and her insights on research

I had the opportunity to meet with the librarian Dot Thompson. I have never thought of asking for help when it comes to research and write my papers by utilizing the sources my teachers have provided. It was extremely useful for me to go and talk to her since she introduce me to the world of data bases. She pointed out the ABI Inform, Web of Knowledge, and Academic onefile, all under the management tab. To start the research she said that it would be better to search by subject to have a broader sense of the subject. Also, the data base later gives you more specific subjects that you can research. The ABI Inform had more that 1,300 articles and all of them where linked to the library. On the other hand, the Web of knowledge can show you how many times a work has been cited. This could be useful since it shows the importance of the article. Later we researched Academic onefile, she find this one to be very helpful because it gives you different components of the subject that you did not think of before: graphs, data, etc. The data base brought me to find an article that has been very useful to write my paper.

It was great to meet Dot Thompson, not only because she provided me with the data bases but she also gives you further insight on how to find exactly what you are looking for. I can take this learning experience as an advantage for my future reaserch papers.


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  1. Very true that we Very true that we no longer seacrh for the news, but instead it finds us. Eerie to think that the same will be true in the near future for products and services. Convenient, but a very sensitive topic with respect to privacy.

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