Dot Thompson’s My Hero

Through my 4 years at Bucknell many of my classes have had class tutorials on how to use the cast amount of resources offered by the Bucknell Library.  So I was able to do a little research on my own before meeting with Dot Thompson in order to get myself reacquainted with the databases the school has access to.  I was able to find a few sources, but nothing that stood out.

When I organized my meeting with Dot Thompson I email her my research topic and what I was looking for.  With only that she actually did a little research for me prior to our meeting and was able to show me the process that she went through to get to those articles or journals.  A small but useful piece of advice she gave me was be wary of the language I use in certain databases.  She said this was because some databases react differently to a range of terminology.  This was enlightening since I was using the same terms for search in each databases.  During our session we were able to find an article using universities as an example of a loosely coupled system and then critique the strengths and weakness of the system.

Without Dot Thompson’s help I would not have been able to find articles and journals that have helped me argue my point in my paper.  I was extremely grateful for her assistance and only wish that I had utilized her services earlier in my Bucknell career.


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