Effective Research Techniques Taught by Dot Thompson

Over the past few years, I have been in multiple classes where Dot Thompson has come in to talk to us about effective research techniques. Although I was aware that Bucknell subscribed to online databases, I did not know how to access these pages and I certainly didn’t know which ones were better than others until I sat in on these sessions. Dot showed us where we could find these databases on the Bucknell website and went through step by step processes on how to get the most out of our research.

While working on projects in other classes, I have found Hoovers’ Online Business Network to be extremely helpful for information on different companies and industries. Also, Lexis Nexis and JSTOR have been useful for any type of project/paper that I have had in the past and I have spent most of my time on these websites in particular for my Enron paper. Although I haven’t met with Dot Thompson personally, I feel that my past experiences from these other classes have really helped me when it comes to finding information online. I know I have a better feel for where I should start my research and where I can find quality resources.


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