Best of Enron Week

After careful deliberation EJ, Kelly, Ross, and I are pleased to announce this week’s best post….

!!!!CONGRATULATIONS BROOKE!!!! and your post The Smartest People in the Room: Is using sex appeal smart or unfair?.

We have a few other awards to give out this week:

Thorough and original research: Derek for Control and Enron.

Great writing from first person perspective: Emily for What was in the water at Enron?.

Singular Trophy for Unique Idea: Mike1290 for Heroes at Enron.

Solid Award for Great Cohesion- EJ for Surviving at the Expense of Morality.

Long Memory for Using “Lovable Fool” article: Kelly for The Rise and Demise of Competent Jerks at Enron.

Visual Design Seal to Tania for using a picture!

Linking Certificate for Connecting Multiple Concepts: Jessie for Power: A Struggle to the Top.

Next Week’s Post: For this Wednesday, take some aspect of the Enron story and find out what has happened since.  This can include what happened to people, organizations, laws, American society, business practices, business education, global business, or some other aspect.  Are there untold stories from Enron that the Smartest Guys in the Room book overlooked?

Please use pictures, videos, quotations, links, etc. to spice up the blog! If you need help, look here.

Thank you!


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