Kenneth Lay: Dead or Alive?

Kenneth Lay was the founder and CEO of the Enron Corporation.  After receiving numerous awards for excellence, Lay was found to have been at the head of one of the largest corporate scandals in history.  But what did ever happen to Kenneth Lay after the collapse of one of America’s largest companies?  Many people aren’t quite sure.

Lay was indicted by a grand jury on July 7, 2004 for 11 counts of securities fraud and other charges.  Lay was eventually found guilty on 10 counts on May 25, 2006 and was scheduled to be sentenced to between 20 and 30 years in prison in October of that year.  During this time gap, Lay went on a vacation in Aspen with his wife and died of a heart attack on July 7th of that year…or did he?

Following the announced death of Ken Lay, people all over the country have had trouble accepting his fate.  A crop of conspiracy theories have surfaced in the years following the end of his life.  One theory in particular assumes that Lay escaped the country during his Aspen trip.  The theorist finds it highly suspicous that then current Secretary of State Colin Powell was treated in the same hospital Lay died the prior day for altitude sickness.  They believe Powell brought Lay a passport and IDs to flee the country. 

Others have chosen to question the autopsy and hospital reports and cite them as evidence to prove Lay is still alive while others wonder if Lay is dead but not from a heart attack.  Perhaps Lay poisoned himself? Or the government intervened? 

Whatever the case, if you see Lay in your local grocery story, you can report your sightings! Ken Lay is quickly becoming the new Elvis.


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  1. It is strange borderline suspicious that they cremate him – so its not possible to verify his death.

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