From Armani Suits to an Orange Jumper: How’s Old Jeff Doing?

Well it has been almost 7 years since the Enron debacle and about 4 years since Jeffery Skilling was sentenced to over 24 years in prison (late in 2006).  So I figured I would write my blog post on a sort of “catch up with Jeff” inquiry.  He was originally sentenced to a high-level security prison FCI Waseca (located in southern Minnesota), but has since been moved to a low-security prison (in Littelton, CO) since his previous home was being converted to an all women prison. 

The biggest difference between his former and present lives is the salary.  Jeff once reportedly made $132 million dollars at Enron in one year on top of the $60 million he sold out of at the end.  (He paid his lawyers a reported $30 million retainer plus had to pay $45 million in fines and restitution.)  In either case, he now makes staggeringly less at about 12 cents an hour.  The good news, however, is that if he yearns for a special treat, he’ll be able to spend his hard-earned cash at the prison store on snacks, stamps, and toiletries — which he’ll need with all his new shower buddies.

Skilling will also have to get used to his new housing arrangements.   His two roommates, who are serving time for drug-related offenses, will probably pester him non-stop about how to correctly set up offshore shell companies for when they are released.  Okay, maybe not.  Either way, they will share about a 100 square foot, bunk-style cell from here to eternity — a far cry from his palatial, Mediterranean-style  mansion he had to give up as part of the sentencing deal.

If he longs for the a taste of his past life, Skilling will be able to relive his adventure days if motocross trips on the prison’s stationary bicycle or basketball court.  If he needs to confess about any more wrong-doing, there’s a church service every Sunday.  If he gets an itch to plot his next company poised for world-domination, the HBS graduate can read in the inmate library — I am pretty sure HBS at least taught him to read.

All in all, it sounds like our friend Jeff is doing quite well.  I wish him the best of luck in the future, and when he is released…in 2030.  Oh by the way, he’ll be 77.


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