Best of the Week!

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The Blog Council for this week (Brooke, Kurt, Molly, Will, and Jordi) have recognized EJ for the best post!

The Author of the Best Post of the Week

And for some other awards (unfortunately, you do not get your picture displayed this week)…

Too Bad You Are On Blog Council: Will and Molly

Most Thought-Provoking: Emily

Most Educational: Christian

Most Interactive and Technologically Advanced: Jessie

In evaluating the week’s posts, we discussed the criteria that are indicative of a good post.  We agreed that it entails including well-researched, informative content (complete with links!), as well as being engaging and entertaining.  Check out EJ’s post for a great example of this!  Feel free to leave comments regarding what else you think should be criteria used in evaluating posts.

Now, for next week (and the chance to rival EJ)…

Each class member will be responsible for writing a blog post on the economy.  Steps to follow:

1. Check out the resources Jordi will post shortly.

2. Pick a topic from one of the resources (can be a podcast, an article, or something else).  This topic should probably be a starting point for the final paper that you will write.

3. Write an engaging and informative post reacting to your chosen topic on the financial crisis.  Share your thoughts, your take on the situation, your reaction to the point of view presented, etc.

4. Hope and pray that next week’s Blog Council will be kind enough to allow your picture to grace the front of the blog.


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