An Eloquent Reflection on Innovation in The Wire

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Yo, WMD WMD. Couple brothas be innovatin her. You got Major Colvin settin up them two free zones. You step outsidadat, they gunna bang you sensless, hooked up babycakes, towed her right off. I mean they ain gunna be eating dirt, they got rights and s#!t, but yous a wind up inna er fo sho. On the otha side of the equation, Barksdale and Bell be runnin bof sides of they game, building condos and s#!t but still runnin they corners. They be learnin the hard way though. Contractor f@&$ed up, so B’s suppose to take that hit? Man he just tryin to get some s#!t built! Once he start financing that package, ain gunna see nothin but bank stacked on bank. Meanwhile, s#!ts gettin serious on them corners. Marlo flying his own colors, west side about to be all bagdad an s#!t. Bell knows he can run more than corners B, but hes knowin if he pulls one shot off, he at war. He gunna get some s#!t in this game, but he knows that s#!t ain fo free. Thing is, brother gotta innovate, he ain tweakin behind nonathis. Po 9 gotta to step up that game too. Tha witness old bruser, he blind behind that fortified halfatime. Bottom line, end a da day, I guess you just have to let it flow like you flow and do yo thang. Just get that game in you.


4 Responses

  1. Wow. All I can say is Wow.

    That is a tremendous interpretation and channeling of the street language of The Wire.

    What is the translation of “ain tweakin behind nonathis.”?

    Of “Po9?”

    From a theoretical stand point, the last takeaway seems to be that while life will flow as it will, the innovator needs to rely on their internal traits. This is an extension of your proclamation that “there must be some trait of leaders that matters.” The “game” as you express it is the desire to get ahead. At the same time, in the world of The Wire, there are still rules to every game.

    My response is that that game is about adaptation to the environment. More radical or disruptive innovation will need more than a desire to succeed, no matter how strong or potent. It is changing the rules or even changing the game.

    Stringer Bell is the real innovator.

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  3. Well in The Wire episode we saw it showed how the drug dealing environment had changed. “Hamsterdam.” obviously a reference to Amsterdam where marijuana and prostitution is legal, was created to push all drug dealing into one area where it’s legal. The goal was to limit murders related to drugs. This was a disruptive innovation that has made drug dealers have to rethink their tactics. Stringer is the example of the manager that understands the change and is ready to make changes to continue his (more Avon’s) organization’s goal of making money. The cartel and legitimate business like real estate enable them to make money without the risk of jail time, death, or war. Unfortunately, Avon represents the old time manager that hard nosed and not willing to change. “Being a gansta is all I know” (Avon) and he wasn’t a suit like Stringer was trying to be. It would be interesting to see how things turn out in later seasons.

  4. Bravo! It took me about 10 minutes to read but well done I thoroughly enjoyed it.

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