Yes, I Finally Visited Dot and Yes, She Still Loves Blorg Theory

I made my way to the library early last week, before the paper was due, to visit with our management research librarian. Unfortunately, when I arrived, I was informed that Ms. Thompson was on vacation until the 1st. Crap. This is what I get for procrastination and poor time management. Finally, last Thursday she returned from vacation and I visited her after watching The Wire in class. The first thing we looked at was the Search by Subject page on the library website. She explained that this would direct me to management related databases that would provide me with the focused results I was looking for. First we explored the ABI Inform database, which yielded some promising general results. We were then able to narrow the results based on related key words that the database identified. This proved helpful and I found an article that was related to my topic. We then spent time researching using the Web of Knowledge database. She explained that this database can be useful because it provides the user with a comprehensive interdisciplinary approach that allows topics to be connected across a broad spectrum of subjects. One nice feature that Dot showed me in Web of Knowledge was the ability to browse by subject. I found this particularly useful because it allowed me to focus my search within the defined term framework of the database. This eliminated the possibility of missing a potentially relevant article due to a weak search term. Overall, I found this session to be useful. Every time I’ve meet with a librarian or one has come to present in a class, I usually end up learning something new.


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