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What exactly is Gibberish?  Well, to start off, it’s not that.

Gibberish actually is based upon fundamental rules.  Who knew?!?!?!

Before I enlighten you as to how to speak Gibberish, let me tell you how my weird mind works.  I was sitting at my computer one foggy day unsure what I wanted to blog about.  Ignoring Jordi’s rule of not using Google and Wikipedia and whatever else it is, I went to google.com.  With no ideas as to what to write, I struck multiple keys on the keyboard, forming an incoherent phrase in the search box.  Suddenly, it came to me.  Jibberish!  (Yes, I know I have been inconsistent with my spelling of the world, but this is how I thought it was spelled at the time before I did some thorough research.)

Is it the language of two year olds, that of a population that remains mysterious, or simply the creation of weird minds like my own?

The Merriam-Webster dictionary defines gibberish as a “pretentious or needlessly obscure language.  Gibberish is just a language that the user makes up that can be understood by another person.  There are many different ways to use the language of Gibberish with no fundamental rules.  A good friend of mine’s mom made up her own language when she was a child so that her and her sister could have conversations without their mom knowing what they were saying.  It completely blows my mind to think of how people can create their own for of Gibberish and be able to speak it fluently.  But she does!  I’ve heard her do it many a time.

So next time you’re speaking in a weird way, just think that somewhere in the world, that may be a language that is understood by someone else.


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  1. Twin languages are quite common. Whether they are full languages or pidgins is something I don’t know. I think I recall from a linguistics class that you need two generations for a new language to emerge from mixes of other languages.

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