Technology Revised

5) Technology – New techniques, processes, products, inventions, or innovations that increase the efficiency (with respect to economics) in some area of business, society, or government that have not become widespread or a “norm” within said business, society, or government.

Words should serve a purpose.  Currently the definition of technology is something along the lines of “everything”.  People could argue that everything we use today is some form of technology, from the chairs we sit on to the cars we drive and even to the fire we use for heat.  But how does this definition of technology provide us with anything useful we can use when analyzing the world around us.  We don’t need another word for “everything”.  My definition is much more specific, useable, and relevant.

I chose not to use this concept in my responses to the other two questions because even though it would be easy to work it in, I felt that with its current definition, it does not add anything useful or offer any new or unique insight.  The word simply refers to too great a spectrum of ideas, processes, and innovations.  Would it make sense to talk about fire as a source of heat and cell phones in the same sentence?

Words should facilitate learning, understanding, and the conveyance of information.  There is a reason using a word like “stuff” is not the best way to express ideas.  For example, a research paper titles “The Study of Stuff” does not really help the reader understand what the author is talking about.  If the definition of technology is so broad, then we might as well replace the word with “stuff”.


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