Actual Revolution…Via Facebook

In deciding whether or not social media is “revolutionary” in today’s world many focus on the great things these networking sites are able to do for business.  Sites such as Twitter and Facebook are able to market products, connect members of a business society to share processes and even keep the public aware of certain company strategies or upcoming events.  However, these sites, specifically Facebook, have also been used to create awareness and vent anger stemming from social issues and turmoil as well.  These networking sites are revolutionary for business, but for actual revolution as well.  The article from the NY Times, Facebook, Revolution Style points out one instance of this currently occurring in the Middle East.

Anti-Irael demonstrations in Arab capitals are happening everywhere.  However, now the protests are turning directly to the President, Hosni Muburak.  Because of this, governments to longer view protests as “safety valves” to allow citizens to let off steam. Now, these types of protests are beginning to change. Young Egyptian Facebook members have set up groups related to Gaza via the web instead of turning to violent protests on the street.  The ranges of these groups set up humanitarian aid to Gaza, criticize the government and shed light on social issues such as these.

Facebook is allowing these members to come together and create groups (one protesting Israel has over 2,000 members) and discuss the issues at hand on the “wall” of the group.  With limited freedom of speech and right to assemble in Egypt prompted the use of these websites to share information. Facebook allows users to speak freely and is now being used to raise awareness and dissent as well as the typical social networking. The article states that “in most countries in the Arab world, Facebook is now one of the 10 most-visited websites, and in Egypt it ranks third, after Google and Yahoo.”  With increasing popularity, this type of social media could become an even more important part of society.

Until networking sites such as this, there was no way for young members of society to get out large and meaningful messages to the world.  These sites are providing safer ways to get important messages and cause across to a wide range of people.  It cannot be denied that these sites are certainly creating a medium for both business refinement and social change.  Social media sites are revolutionary in more ways than one.


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