Blogging will not change every business…but it will change many

I read a cool BusinessWeek article called “Social Media Will Change Your Business.”  The article, by Stephen Baker and Heather Green, is a follow up (in 2008) to a May 2005 article titled “Blogs Will Change Your Business.”  Three years later the authors still claim that blogs will change each and every business, but they recognize that it is no longer just blogs.  Twitter, Myspace, Facebook and others have popped up since the original article and so the power of all social media tools is discussed.

The authors say that social media will affect every business and that they have become a business “prerequisite.”  Although I think that social media has become more and more important to businesses, I do not think that it will affect every business.  After taking org theory, I have learned that an organization is a broad term.  It may be Microsoft, but it also can be a man selling groceries on the side of the road in a developing country.  How is blogging really impacting him?  Or what about an Amish family selling homemade quilts?  I don’t think it is impacting them.  After all, the article authors even say that less than 25% of online adults read a blog.

Blogs are a great way for people to communicate and for spreading knowledge, like during the recent tsunami when bloggers were able to get critical information out to masses of people before the press.  However, they will not revolutionize every business.  I may be going against experts opinions by saying that, but until I see the Amish people who sell their quilts down route 45 on the blogosphere I will beg to differ.


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