The Journalists’ Fight Against Blogs

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When researching blogging I ran across the book  Say Everything by Scott Rosenberg.  I did not have time to read the entire book, but I did come across a excerpt from chapter 9, “Journalists vs. Bloggers,” on the books web page.  This chapter focuses on beliefs from journalists that blogging is nothing more than simple amusement that should not be taken too seriously.  This offended many bloggers who started blogging in response to disagreements with the media and other published documents. 

Blogging is a way for people to express their own ideas without having to worry about finding someone to publish them.  It takes out the middleman, which many see as a way for writers to stay true to their own ideas and not require others’ ideas to be thrown into the mix.  Throughout this course I have found blogging to be more than a great way to interact with others when discussing ideas.  It has become a new source of information for me to research that I didn’t really refer to before.  There are many blogs that have been forth by intellectuals and writers, which cover area that they have more expertise in than journalists being published.  I believe that journalism is important and there is something to be said for being able to read a newspaper each morning, but that does not mean that we should disqualify bloggers posts.

In fact, one part of what Rosenberg said that was quite interesting to me is that many journalists now look to blogs to get some of their information when writing articles.  To have some of the same people who complain about blogs also reference blogs as sources for their articles is ridiculous to me.  Blogs are a great source of information, as l9ong as the source of the blog has been proven, so their should not be issue in utilizing them properly.  In addition, many journalists have begun to post articles to the internet in the form of a blog.  People now have access to most news stations and newspapers online, so that shortly after an event has occurred the public can read the story on it.  There are even places to leave comments and start dialogues with others.  Utilizing technology and blogs is very important as we continue into the 21st century.  The technology allows us to get information much quicker and it also allows people to see anyone’s opinions on the subject matter.  This is important because it gives readers a chance to view ideas and events through the eyes of others and in a way that they might never have thought about things.


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