Blog Strategy

I would like you all to discuss here what you would like from this blog in several areas.

Please edit this page directly, especially the features and look, with concrete ideas or suggestions. If relevant, please include a hotlink to an example.

Use the comments for musings and conversation.


  • We need a better name.  “Just another OrgHead Outpost” is a working title.  How can we get a better name?  I turn this process over to you all.  let’s have one by next Tuesday, February 9.
    • Now we are “Bl-Org Theory.”  Hooray!  Spelling to be confirmed.


Intended Audience

  • There is a vibrant community of academics (like me, Jordi) who work on organizations and blog. I would love for some of them to come in, look around, and see what we are up to.
  • I would like to try and find ways to get other students reading at and commenting on our blog.  There has too be other academic, like you Jordi, that have class blogs focusing on a similar field of study or at least on a business topic. (Mike W.)

Scope (range of topics)

  • Broad!
  • We could focus on current events, how organizations have an impact on these. (Tania)
  • We could include any topic really, as long as there is some tie in to org theory. (Christian)

Features and Look

  • It may be nice to have a way to anonymously post responses to others’ posts.  This feature might encourage people to challenge ideas without making anyone feel like the criticism is personal.  (Mike K) Done.  I have not seen any anonymous ones though.  We can always revisit if we get flooded with crap comments.
  • I think that we should add a feature that allows us to “share” specific blogs on facebook or other social networking sites. (Jessica)
  • It might be nice to have an archives column on the right side of the blog under the controls section. We could group posts by week, making it easier to go back and find information. (Will) [Done: Jordi]
  • I think it would be nice to add a few pictures or maybe relevant videos to make the blog more interesting. (Tania) You can do it in your posts.  Look on support site or ask me in class how to. {Jordi]
  • I think that we should consider setting up a guestbook for visitors outside of our class to write in.  They are able to comment on individual posts, but this would allow them to leave comments about our post overall and what improvements they, our intended audience, would like to see. (Brooke) (They can leave comments on the about page or who we are page!  Jordi)
  • It would be cool to add a widget that allows us to post on our blog directly from facebook. (Molly)
  • I think organizing the blog by week or category would make it easier to leave comments or look up blogs that we might be particularly interested in.  (Macey) [Same as Will’s above.  We do now have an archive widget.  Jordi]
  • I like that on the Freakonomics site they have the Stuff we weren’t paid to endorse feature.  I think it would be a nice feature on our blog that we could contribute to with suggestions about anything: restaurants, org theory related articles or anything we wanted to recommend.  It would take the blog from being just a learning tool to becoming an online community, which may also draw in more viewers. (Emily)
  • It would be  nice to have a calendar with blog related items on it, including other deadlines for the class. (Kurt)
  • Maybe I’m just missing something, but it would be nice if there was a way to view all of an individual users post and comments without having to sift through everyone else’s stuff,  which will only take longer as the semester progresses. (Mike K) Done.  You can click on the authors in left column and get all of their posts at least.  Comments is trickier.  I will look into it…
  • I think it would be fun to have a picture of everyone in our class uploaded on the blog somewhere…makes it a little more personalized. (Kelly)
  • It would look more professional if you made our blog assignments each week private so they can’t been seen by visitors.  (EJ)
  • I think it might be good to add a mission statement of some sort. I have noticed that some good blogs state right off the bat what their purpose is, and I thought that something along those lines might help our audience to understand what we are trying to achieve with our blog. (Derek)

21 Responses

  1. Are your peers a possible audience? What would that mean in terms of content for us? How would we get their attention?

  2. I’d love for you all to have more personalized avatars (little pic next to your name). They don’t need to be photos, necessarily, but something to give you more of an identity.

  3. […] Blog Strategy […]

  4. I already had one professional consultant and blogger notice that one of you all had written about her post. She was intrigued.

  5. I like the idea of a new title, not that the working title is bad, but I think we should personalize it. We should have a discussion in class about something that we all have in common. It might not necessarily make sense, but we will know what it means, and it will be personal. Something more interesting than “[insert word here] Bucknell Blog.” Just a thought.

    • I agree! Let’s just turn over the whole process to you all. I’ll kick it off today in class.

  6. @Mike W-

    Interesting idea about plugging into other student-classroom blogs. There are of course a good number of professors and other intellectuals blogging. But I don’t know how many are out there like ours. We should see if we can find them though. Any ideas?

  7. I wonder what would make a better header picture? What is a picture of an organization?

  8. I have struck through those functions that have been added.


    this link shows you how to import the blog into facebook….sort of neat! (molly)

    • It is, however, all the comments stay on Facebook. It does not create a link to our site. I do this for my own blog, Nets We Weave. So, I get more people commenting on what I wrote, but on FB.

      I wonder if there is some way to push a post to FB such that people in FB woudl click on the profile or status update and be clicked through to “Blorg Theory”

  10. In order to be able to easily identify which posts have sparked lots of commenting, I believe that it would be beneficial to add a feature to identify the most commented on blog. It can easily be done via this website:

  11. Since I was having trouble finding information about “sharing” blogs with twitter and facebook. I was looking at another blog’s post similar to that of Molly’s. It also suggested creating a fan page and then the page will get updated as our blog is updated. This could help us expand our audience, especially to our peers.

  12. @ Kelly
    Do you mean apart from our gravatar images that show up next to your comments?

  13. Ok I remember someone wondering about using hyperlink in comments. I looked into it and found ways to do this and I how to use bold and italics. The easiest way is only possible on our blog. It’s a two step process: first make post, then go to “edit comment” and there are tools there to create hyperlink and use bold and italics. The harder way is useful because you can use it while on other blogs. It’s not worth explaining in this comment so just visit this site and learn on your own.

    • Excellent instructions!, Middleman.

  14. Whos.Amung.Us Dashboard

  15. I like the idea of having a section for our suggestions of various subjects. Our book reviews could be the first topic.

  16. Jordi helped me find a widget that can be added to each post so that people who view the posts can share it on their facebook, other blogs, or other social networking sites.

    1. Go to this link:

    2. Scroll down to the bottom of the page to where it says WordPress.Com Sidebar Button Instructions

    3. Click the copy button.

    4. Log in to and go to edit post for one of your posts.

    5. Above the formatting toolbar on the right side you will see that you are viewing the post as “visual” change it to html version.

    6. Paste the previously copied code (from AddThis) at the bottom of your post.

    Once you view your finished or updated post you will see the share button at the bottom of it.
    Let me know if you have any questions about this.

    • Also, I tested the share button to see if it would put my burning man post on facebook and it worked. By clicking share and selecting facebook, you are then taken through a couple of verification steps. After that it is posted straight to your facebook wall.

    • Hoo-ray!
      I tried to see if there is a way to make it auotmatically inserted into posts. No luck so far.

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