Inspiration for Writing

This is a page I will update regularly.  This page is mostly blogs.   At the bottom is a link to resources that are useful but not really blogs.

Organization Theory/Studies/Science Blogs

Org Theory.Net (Group blog of several organization scholars)

Authentic Organizations (CV Harquil)

Economic Sociology

Work Matters (Bob Sutton)

Trust is Everything (Aneil and Karen Mishra)

Contexts (Group Blog of Sociologists)

Jeffrey Saltzman’s Blog

Entrepreneurs or Business Practices

Springwise (daily dose of entrepreneurial ideas) (Hard to say but Kurt approves the content!)

WSJ Venture Capital

Economics Blogs


Baseline Scenario [Good stuff on financial crisis]

Economist (the magazine) Free Exchange

Brad DeLong

Financial Crisis Policy and Reporting

ProPublica– Independent news and great coverage of the stimulus.

Planet Money (NPR Blog and podcasts)

Financial Armageddon (EJ found it…..)

Technology and Cyberspace (and Virtual Worlds)

Terra Nova

New World Notes (Coverage of Second Life)

Boing Boing

The Blogosphere and Social Media


Seth Godin

JOHO (David Weinberger, tech writer and BU Alum).

Social Media Marketing Blog (Scott Monty’s personal blog.  He is head of social media for Ford by day.)

Civil Society, Social Entrepreneurs

Social Edge (has lots of internal blogs)

Stanford Social Innovation Review

Politics and Political Theory

The Monkey Cage (yeah Jessie!)

The Caucus (NY Times)

American Thinker (Politically Conservative Opinion and Analysis)

Sports, Culture, Life

Fanhouse (Alex’s)


Blogging tips

One Cool Site


42 Responses

  1. […] Inspiration for Writing […]

  2. We need politics blogs…

  3. This is a blog that was often used for debate in a political science class that I took a while ago. It might be good to reference!

    • Added!


    I like this blog from a sociology professor. It provides nice commentary on current issues.

    • What is nice about the commentary? I didn’t see any commentary. It looked liek it was mostly clippings from other sources. That can be useful, but I was still wondering how you found it and why you liked it.

  5. I understand that this is an Organizational Theory class, but this is for those of you who want to blog about sports, because I’m under the impression that blogging is starting to become a hobby of everyone’s?

    • Is that a single blog or an aggregator of blogs?

    • I read the about page. This is an aggregator. DO you follow it? Does it provide more insight or analysis or is it more like simply scores and headlines? I think a blog that digs into sports would be great, especially the business of sports or how sports, leadership, and organization are related. Can you find something that fits the bill?

      • If you click on the red tag that says view it takes you to the page which that blog is on. From there, you can read the blog and comment as you wish. And yes, it is an aggregator. I enjoy snooping over it from time to time.

        • Yeah, but an aggegator, while useful, doesn’t have a particular point of view. What I want is for you to find a blog about sports which has a distinctive scope or point of view. That will be more of an inspiration for writing. There is lots of great sports writing, either about the sports themselves, or the business of sports, and so on. We are looking for something with analysis, commentary, and opinion. Is there one from that you think fits the bill?

        • Hey- We still want a good sports blog. One with more authorial voice than simply an aggregator!

          • How bout

            Is that one better?

            • We’ll add it. It seems mostly news. But I did see some opinion. If we find another sports blog that is heavier on commentary and analysis (as one can get scores and wire news stories anywhere) we can add it.


    These blogs have very interesting posts regarding social entrepreneurship.

    • BS! Hey, I ALREADY had that one up above. Can you find something else about the topic we can add?

      • Woops! Well this one is pretty cool too:

        • That one looks like it is inactive. I would love to add one, but let’s find a good one. Check Technorati for blogs on this important topic. Also, the Skoll foundation and the Stanford Social Innovation Center sponsor several blogs I think. One more time- let’s get a good one!

          • I am sorry, I am failing at this. However, along somewhat different lines, I do read posts on several of the blogs on In particular, I would say to check out

            • Great ! Thanks! Now, can you add it to the links above by editing the page? I especially like the venture capital one.

            • Pst. Not failing. We are figuring out what is quality.

  7. cool social media blog:

    • Added

  8. economics blog from the WSJ:

    • Why do you like it? Why should we include it?

      • I like the WSJ blog because it provides good economic analysis from reliable “bloggers”/writers


    blogs about venture projects

    • Why do you like it? What does it add?


    Current financial issues blog

    • He has several outlets in the mediascape. Can you see which is best for us? Seems like an interesting voice to add. Does he have a particular perspective or expertise?

      • Panzner has worked for several leading companies in the global stock, bond, and currency markets. Financial Armageddon (above) is an interesting blog on debt, government policies, and the recession.

        If you scroll down on this page a little bit, there is a list of his sites and columns on the right. Huffington Post, Seeking Alpha, and When Giants Fall could also be useful. The others seem outdated.

  11. This is an interesting website that compiles, researches, and shares ideas for entrepreneurs from around the global. Thought it could offer some interesting topics.

    I found this political/civil society blog/publication. There are a broad range of topics and seem interesting.

    • We can add American Thinker. It has a clear politically conservative philosophy. Were you aware? is that what you were looking for? Just curious.

      • I didn’t have a chance to read any posts, but I did a feeling that it was conservative based on some of the posts’ titles.

    • How did you find Springwise? Do you think it is itself a business? I just scanned it quickly, but it was interesting to think they are providing ideas for entrepreneurs. Giving away money-making ideas? Is that irrational? Maybe we should have an "entrepreneurs"section above? Our class is hopping with them.

      • I actually found Springwise while looking at another blog. I saw the description that said “entrepreneurial ideas and … ” It looked interesting so I took a look and it was fairly interesting.

  12. Here’s a WordPress blog that discusses Organizations and Human Behavior in the context of business.

    • Ooooo. Academics AND practitioners (the people at his firm). I like it. OK, Middleman, ease up on the links for now. Let us absorb these. Good job!

  13. I found an interesting Political Theory blog. I thought it might be helpful at times to see what some political theorists have to say.

    I also found this financial/economic blog, it has a wide variety of links to other blogs and as it turns out was named the top financial blog by TIME Magazine.

    • Great. Thanks for suggestions.

  14. Hey!

    You mentioned wanting more Politics blogs. This blog is by poli sci professors and it seems interesting because it touches on a wide range of topics. They also update it a lot so there are tons of posts.

    • Looks like a good one! I like the title. I already commented over there.

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