Perspectives on the MLB Steroid Troubles

One of my posts that I enjoyed most is A Look at Steroids in Baseball Today, so I used this post as a starting point to initiate further conversation about this topic.  I thoroughly explored the blog on this topic linked to in my original post.  Using the tags feature and the WordPress search function, I also located a post that speaks about the issue from a baseball player’s perspective.  He identified many interesting issues and spoke from an interesting viewpoint, so I commented on this post.  As an athlete myself and an individual who grew up during the steroid era, I find this topic intriguing and love to follow the debates surrounding the issue.


A Look at Steroids in Baseball Today

In May 2007, a student wrote a blog post about steroids in baseball.  The post brings up many excellent ideas and addresses a topic that has only generated more interest since then.  I found it particularly exciting to read a student’s take from almost three years ago on a topic that is currently receiving widespread media attention, particularly in the wake of Mark McGwire’s admission to steroid use.   The author of the post does an excellent job of portraying an issue that had and continues to have major implications for the Major League Baseball organization.  The individual addresses the nature of the effects, the impacts the situation is having on the entire organization, how the problem arose, and touches on the effect that the widespread steroid use will have on the future of the organization and the image that the MLB will have. Continue reading

How the Economy is Affecting Professional Sports: MLB

This post about how the economy is affecting the MLB makes it clear that baseball organizations have been negatively affected by the recent state of the economy.  It was helpful to read about the specific examples of teams in New York, Arizona, Florida that have had trouble selling their more expensive tickets.  It was also very interesting to see how these teams have reacted to their financial troubles with various price drops and promotions.  Decreasing ticket prices immediately comes to mind as a solution to teams losing ticket sales, but I never realized that the seemingly “money-hungry” professional sports franchises would result to giving away tickets or offering money credits towards fans’ mortgages and leases.

Continue reading