Hey Managers, your employees aren’t machines! A little social encouragement might just increase productivity…

Here are some concepts from chapter 3 of Scott and Davis’ Organizations and Organizing.  Running your organization as a natural system can build social cohesion among participants and encourage everyone to work for the good of the company.

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The Great Recesssion

Yup.  The worst economic crisis in a lifetime.  In fact, 95% of people living weren’t around  the last time something this bad happened.  It has, and will continue to have, a profound effect on everyone in the world for generations to come.  Because it has had such a profound effect, I think that we should be well educated on what happened, why it happened, and how to never let it happen again.  Thus, I chose the book entitled, “The Banking Crisis Handbook,” a compilation of many works discussing the current economic crisis.  It is an extremely detailed source for understanding the history of what precipitated the crisis, what exactly happened in late 2008 and early 2009, how we will be affected in the future, and ways to prevent this in the future.  The other nice thing about the book is that it is written for people of all levels of understanding of the crisis.  Everyone from a Wall Street banker to the layman can gain some angle of insight. Continue reading

Google Creates a “Buzz” in Social Networking

On Tuesday, February 9, Google introduced a new social networking service called Google Buzz.  Buzz gives Gmail users the opportunity to share statuses, photos, and videos.  Sound familiar?  This new service will be in tight competition with Facebook, Twitter, and MySpace in the social networking industry.  A New York Times article entitled “With Buzz, Google Plunges into Social Networking” explains why the popular search engine is branching out. Continue reading

Commitment Contracts for Business

On the Freakonomic’s blog the post “Commitment Contracts for Business” talked about Staples’ new “StickK to it!” Business Challenge.  Staples has teamed up with stickK.com, a free online commitment program, to offer incentives like business supplies and gift cards to encourage people to complete “all kinds of career-oriented tasks.”  This business plan is a perfect example a creative business strategy designed to beneficial for everyone especially in a period of economic turmoil like today. Continue reading

My Nose, Other People’s Business

The post that I chose to write about, My Nose, Other People’s Business, comes from the perspective of a nosy person.  This post talks about how the writer enjoys talking to people about their business and how they are managing it and whatnot.  This particular person enjoys asking a lot of questions pertaining to how a person feels about their business, if they’re motivated, the direction the business is heading in, etc.  One question in particular that she likes to ask is how healthy or unhealthy the organization feels.

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