Chilean Earthquake spurs Economic Growth???

Just about seven short weeks after the devastating 7.0 magnitude earthquake hit Haiti, plate tectonics turned upon Chile with one of the world’s largest quakes since 1900.  This monster of an 8.8 magnitude, along with the subsequent tidal wave that washed along the south-central coast of Chile, have caused upwards of 800 deaths so far with about 1,000 people still missing along the coastal region.  As devastating as this is, the total death toll in Chile will fall a couple hundred thousand people short of the Haiti earthquake mostly because of the different poverty levels.  Continue reading


Why we shouldn’t compare Hurricane Katrina and the Earthquake in Haiti

This post from Contexts Crawler discusses why it is important to look at Hurricane Katrina and the Haitian Earthquake as two separate disasters. As the author points out, it might be tempting to compare the two events, and many people might try to do so since these catastrophes are both fresh in our minds. Both events are considered to be among the largest natural disasters ever, with each leading to massive devastation and loss of life. As a result, the Gulf Coast of the United States has struggled to recover in recent years, just as Haiti will long into the future.

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Rebuilding an organization to rebuild Haiti

People desire to fix the broken, but what happens when it’s an accumulation of many broken things.  In Haiti the destruction from the earthquake is shocking, but the people have already begun to ban together and plan to rebuild. We are not just talking about rebuilding the buildings as they once were, but reinventing Haiti’s identity through the transformation of a tragedy to an opportunity.  Haiti called on architects, engineers, and urban planners via email to meet up to start the process.  This group of 50 people was formed as they took time out of looking for the missing and shared their ideas of how to rebuild Haiti.  If you were to glance in the direction of these people it would not be what we consider an organization, but rather groups of people chatting.  However, closer examination of these people, what they are doing, and the knowledge of what makes up an organization will lead you to conclude that this is in fact the beginning of what could be a very important organization for Haiti. Continue reading

Levels of Analysis Applied to Organizational Involvement in Haiti Relief

The MLB and the LiveStrong Foundation are among the thousands or more organizations who have recently declared their tangible support for Haiti, a poor nation that was recently wrecked by a major earthquake.  The country is in dire need of help and these are two organizations that have offered much-needed financial aid to the country.

These pledges of large donations ($1 million from the MLB and $250,000 from the LiveStrong Foundation) are acts that almost all would describe as compassionate, generous, and honorable.  However, every single day organizations have the ability to do things that would fall under these categories.  As a result, it is important to analyze why these donations in particular were made, why the generosity came about at the time that it did, and why the compassionate acts were directed towards the causes that they were.  Analysis of such things may appear simple if done in a cursory manner, but factors exist at many levels that likely influenced the actions of the MLB and LiveStrong Foundation. Continue reading